• We work together
    to get further

    Comprehensive consulting with proven experience

  • We have been simplifying life
    since 1984

    Comprehensive consulting with proven experience

  • Personalized solutions
    for different problems encountered

    Comprehensive business consulting

  • Plan each exercise
    to follow the objectives established

    Consulting of proven efficiency

  • Comprehensive consulting
    with proven experience

    in Barcelona, Girona, Madrid and emerging markets

Lleal Tulsà Associats
Comprehensive consulting for individuals and businesses
Since 1984

This is a comprehensive consulting firm with proven experience, made up of a team of qualified professionals that present solutions to the different problems that our clients face. Our secret, over the past 30 years, is to advise our clients so they are calm and sure that they have found the best personal, business or institutional option.

The Consulting Firm is a reference for the following 4 areas: Labor, Tax and Accounting, Legal and Administrative Management We have recently incorporated Communication Consulting to create actions that serve as a loudspeaker for the products or services that our clients offer.

Our service offer to individuals, businesses and institutions allows us to offer comprehensive consulting services in Girona, Barcelona, Madrid and emerging markets, such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The team

Joaquim Lleal Tulsà
Accounting, Taxes and Management Department.

Ignasi Lleal Tulsà
Labor and Immigration Department.

Joan Lleal Tulsà
Legal Department.
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