Tax consulting

Comprehensive consulting with proven experience

Tax and taxpayer consulting for all physical or legal persons that need it, preparation of all periodic declarations and other tax-related declarations, drafting and preparation of annual accounts and all types of reports, as well as detailed studies of the most adequate fiscal planning.

  • Classification and submissions for Tax on Economic Activities (IAE in Spanish).
  • Tax removal declarations (submissions, removals, variations, etc.).
  • Obtaining of Tax Identification Code (CIF in Spanish).


Management and preparation of tax settlements:

  • Periodic VAT [IVA in Spanish] declarations: monthly, quarterly and annual.
  • IRPF [Income Tax for Physical Persons] prepayment declarations for sole proprietors.
  • Periodic rent withholdings: monthly, quarterly and annual.
  • Annual (form 347) and monthly (form 340) declaration of clients and suppliers.
  • Intra-EC declarations (form 349).
  • Intra-state declarations.
  • Corporate income tax declarations (form 200).
  • Corporate tax prepayment declarations (form 202).
  • Tax and/or Equity declarations: for individuals and groups.
  • Non-resident IRPF [Income Tax for Physical Persons] declarations.
  • Other forms and various declarations.


Other procedures:

  • Incorporation of legal entities: limited liability companies, corporations, civil society organizations, community property regimes, cooperatives, etc. Capital increase, decrease, resignation and appointment of directors, changes in address, etc.
  • Preparation of annual accounts for legal entities (balance sheets, accounting statements and annual report).
  • Appeals / Deferments / Divisions.
  • Obtaining all types of tax / taxpayer certificates.
  • Companies Register document processing.
  • Tax and taxpayer consulting.