Aliens advice on the protection of personal data

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Aliens advice

Advice on foreigners, both for community and non-EU foreigners, in which a study of the situation of the interested party is carried out in order to propose the best way to achieve the desired objective. The client is advised, informed of all the details to be taken into account, as well as all the necessary documentation for each specific procedure, and it is accompanied by the client in those cases that for the process request the obligatory presence for part of the interested party.

It should be mentioned that the advice is also aimed at those companies that have contracted foreign workers and want to be informed of their legal situation, or that they intend to hire new ones and need to start a request to the Administration. In the latter case, the advice is aimed at informing about the requirements, obligations that are generated, as well as tracking the administrative process.

  • Social, labor, family, or, for humanitarian reasons.
  • General renewals (residence and work authorization, temporary residence for family reunification, temporary non-profit residence, etc.)
  • Residence long-term and long-term EU
  • Modifications to the residence and work authorization
  • Initial job offer
  • Family regrouping
  • Authorization of independent residence of relatives regrouped (API)
  • Residence of a minor born in Spain
  • Residence of minor NOT born in Spain
  • Residence card of relative of citizen of the EU
  • Certificate of registration of EU citizen
  • NIE of non-resident
  • Invitation letter
  • Return authorization
  • Spanish nationality
  • Resource of appeal / Appeal of height
  • Homolocation or equivalence of foreign academic qualifications
  • Ministry of Justice (criminal record certificate, background certificate for crimes of a sexual nature, cancellation of records …)
  • Central Civil Registry of Madrid (registration of civil marriage, application of certificates …)

Advice on the protection of personal data

Advice on the protection of personal data by adapting the services to the client’s needs and always complying with current legislation regarding data protection. Detailed information will be provided to the customer when the measures to be adopted in order to comply with the new General Regulation of European Data Protection are also provided with timely documentation to carry out the collection or delivery of personal data in each specific case, as well as the attention of queries that may arise during the first year of contracting our services.

  • Analysis of the structure of the company
  • Analysis of personal data processed for the detection of different files (LOPD)
  • Determining the security levels of each file detected (LOPD)
  • Impact Assessment on Data Protection when appropriate for the type of data that is addressed (RGPD)
  • Registration of files in the Register of the State Agency for Data Protection (LOPD)
  • Registration of treatment activities (RGPD)
  • Drafting of the Security Document
  • Propose the necessary recommendations for compliance with the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data
  • Guarantee the fulfillment of the duty of informing by means of the writing of documents adapted to the type of treatment of the personal data (RGPD)
  • Confidentiality forms for workers
  • Writing forms to facilitate the exercise of the rights of those interested.
  • Drafting of contracts with the processors
  • Drafting of data protection clauses
  • Adapt the legal texts of the web page
  • Advice and guidance